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Shocked and Dismayed
Frequently Asked Questions
I am a member. Where do I post?"
Follow the "register|sign in" link at the top right of the page. Go to the "Post a story if you are logged in" link on the sign in page. Right now your post will be held for moderation, but soon this hold will be removed.
Why is the site called "Shocked and Dismayed?"
Any longtime fan of letter to the editor pages will tell you that the phrase "shocked and dismayed" is often used to express passionate reactions to important issues. It is so much a part of the public, comment-writing idiom that we were delighted to be able to use the phase as the name for this site.
Can I contribute to the site?"
Yes! Please become a member and post your favourite comments or just rant about an issue that is important to you. You might be surprised how much of a reaction your opinions generate.
Does this site have a political bias?"
Our interest is in the diverse and compelling ways people express their opinions in a public forum. We want to let the site's users have their say here without too much editorial interference. That said, experience has taught us that reality has a distinct liberal bias (no, not the party).
Is the site only following comments relating to the 2011 Canadian election?"
The snap Canadian federal election was the incentive we needed to finally use that URL obtained so long ago. The idea is to assemble the world's best social commentary as reflected by peoples' comments in public forums—no matter what their motivation.