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Shocked and Dismayed
Why did The Globe endorse the Conservatives?
Posted by Editor on 04/29 at 06:40 PM
The Globe seems to be soft-pedalling its endorsement in response to a firestorm of reader criticism. In an online discussion Editorial board editor John Geiger took reader questions. But the real story—again—was the reader commentary:

TJ2—Frankly, I'm very surprised by the Globe's decision to support the infamous "Harper Government." The shameful way this man has trod upon the basic rights and freedoms of all Canadians during that G8/G20 conference and then held taxpayers accountable for the $1B tab is more than enough reason to withhold support. The Globe instead should have encouraged all Canadians to get out and vote to dethrone this control freak.

TheCdnKing—This paper has ENDORSED Stephen Harper. Let's review then what they have ENDORSED:

- a party that changes its budget 17 days later, completely undercutting any fiscal credibility, refusing to explain the changes, rationale, costing.

- a party that purposely misleads Canadians on the BIGGEST military expenditure in history.

- a party which has promised Canadians a package of goodies, based on unforeseen events, using dicey math, all in a brazen attempt to change the rules on what constitutes a "promise"

- a party which has purposely distorted the nature of Parliamentary democracy, the very core principles upon which this nation exists

- a party which limits accountability, a Prime Minister who manipulates the press with unilateral rules and constraints. In a democracy, the attempt to avoid scrutiny is alarming, particularly when it involves flipping the bird to YOUR OWN MEDIUM.

- a party which does background checks on audience participants and attempts to sanitize their presentation in such a way that is snake oil salesman-like visually.

Dave1014—The Globe is obviously run by a bunch of spineless tools.

DisingenuousHarperRegime—You have made your reasons clear, ignoring crucial facts about Stephen Harper and his Government.

The government is driven by ideology, not facts.
The Harper government has show nothing but contempt for the citizens of Canada.
The Harper Government wasted 1.2billion on the G8/G20 photo op which brought Toronto to a standstill.
By supporting and endorsing the CPC you are saying that the waste and arrogance that they show is acceptable.
There have been many scandals during Harper's terms.
The open and accountable government promised has not been delivered, instead we have had the most closed and secretive government in the history of Canada.
The Globe and Mail editors should know that Harper cannot take credit for Canada's recovery from the recession. It is our solid banking systen and business base that should get the credit.

Go back and read some of the content that you folks have provided over the past couple o years. You may wish to reconsider your position.

Stan L—I don't need a live chat to unserstand your choice.

You choice is not REALLY a choice now is it......more like a mandate dutifully carried out by a compliant and ethically challenged newspaper who reporters/journalists are not worthy of the title.

Given the choices and given the performance you COULD have chosen no one.......to remind you of another Conservative you are so find of......."you had a choice sir"

You chose Bell Globe media's own corporate interests over the countries need to know.....and it IS that simple. Tell me do you remember why you are in business anymore?





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