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Shocked and Dismayed
Vander Doelen: In danger of a train wreck
Posted by Nishikawa on 04/30 at 03:15 PM
Given that Windsor, Ontario has a legacy as Canada's centre for unionized labour, it is a bit of a surprise to see the Windsor Star coming out against the NDP. Columnist Chris Vander Doelen speaks out and the readers respond:

The good news about this election is, Canada may finally have found a cure for that nasty case of Bloc Quebecois that's been nagging us all these years.

But aside from that silver lining we're looking at an electoral outcome Monday that could leave everybody but the NDP unhappy.

Nearly everyone you talked to Friday was either shaking their heads in disbelief or quivering in abject terror at the thought of how Monday might go wrong for Canada. Read the full story here...
Its nice to see Canadians wake up and respond to an ugly situation. The Harper gang is oblivious to mainstream Canadians, allow corruption and entitlement...and now Harper sees it wont go unchecked. Whatever the outcome, Harper sees change is wanted badly. Frankly I think Layton is the most inspired candidate but he has promised so much that the mint will be printing money for a solid year if he wins. Abolish the money-pit Senate and start listening to Canada.

Ed Crane
NDP candidates along with their Liberal cohorts would like to tax corporations and individuals to fund their special interest projects and utopian vision of the world. When the liberals speak of taxing corporations as if this is not a tax on individuals it is laughable. All taxes on corporations are passed on to individuals in the form of higher prices. The liberals and NDP will say anything and promise the world to gain political power. Sensible people will support the conservative government in the coming election and hopefully we will see a solid conservative majority government.

Tim Cares
Harper has already screwed up the economy with his revenue slashing corporate tax cuts. Put the tax levels back to where they were when we had a strong economy with low unemployment and a surplus.
Don't foget, Harper wanted to ignore the auto industry and let it die in 2008. What would that have done for Windsor?
Steve doesn't care about Windsor or Ontario.

to john_83 ... who cares...he could have a joint in his hand and I'd still vote NDP.
One more years of McGuinty's lies and allowing Harper, the Canadian traitor to give away our country is wrong.


I'm Canadian. Period. I don't want to be like Japan, China or Mexico. My roots are here.

Harpers gotta be making a lot of money following the NWO's dream.

I'll stay with NDP.. they can't do much worse than the other clowns are doing to this country.





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