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Shocked and Dismayed
Tory majority could hinge on where votes bleed to NDP in final week
Posted by Editor on 04/24 at 08:59 AM
The Globe and Mail runs this story by Eric Grenier:
There is only a week left in this unexpectedly surprising election campaign and the final outcome is still unpredictable. But when the votes are counted May 2, where the surging New Democrats make their gains and whether the Liberals can hold on to their own seats could mean the difference between minority and majority government for the Conservatives.

According to ThreeHundredEight.com’s updated seat and vote projections for The Globe and Mail, the Tories are still on track to fall short of a majority, with 150 seats and 38.6 per cent of the national vote... Read the whole story here.

But what are the readers saying? Look at the comments below.

Comment by Hushman 11/04/24

Contrary to previous elections…the question now seems to be can Ignatieff hold his voters on election day…or will they bleed to the NDP?

Very interesting finish to this election which started out very lack luster.

Comment by Nishikawa 11/04/24

Our first-by-the-post system has never produced such a bizarre unpredicatable result.

I was just on the phone here in Japan with some Quebec relatives who will vote NDP. They cannot stomach Harper anymore, they are sick of Duceppe and, being French speaking, have the liberals in contempt. I felt like phoning some Anglo-Loyalist relatives to see if they are still 100% liberals.

Anyway, no one seems to be switching to Harper, but this vote splitting could increase Harper’s counts over there.

How bizarre this is .... Perhaps Harper has to be careful: do not attack Layton too much, he could be helping you as long as he does not become too strong!

Comment by DenFMoral 11/04/24

Notice how many posters with different names are point to the EXACT SAME WEBSITES telling you how to vote!

These are the people “thumbing up” and “thumbing down” all of your posts based on their own narrow-minded partisan agenda.

I just hope their chosen political party is paying well….. perhaps almost as well as those guys running around defacing campaign signs.

Comment by cowpatties 11/04/24

Why are we having this election again ???

>>> 2 CONtempt of parliament charges

>>> RCMP investigating CONservative corruption

> Influence Peddling

> CONvicted felons in PMO

> Supressing information

> Forging Documents

> Tampering with access to information

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