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Shocked and Dismayed
The Globe’s election endorsement: Facing up to our challenges
Posted by Tom Thomson on 04/29 at 05:27 PM
The Globe and Mail made a surprising endorsement of Stephen Harper this week and its readers, at least the online ones, don't seem amused:

We are nearing the end of an unremarkable and disappointing election campaign, marked by petty scandals, policy convergences and a dearth of serious debate. Canadians deserved better. We were not presented with an opportunity to vote for something bigger and bolder, nor has there been an honest recognition of the most critical issues that lie ahead . . .

Whom should Canadians turn to? . . .

Only Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party have shown the leadership, the bullheadedness (let's call it what it is) and the discipline this country needs. Read the entire editorial here...

The Globe's readers react with populist scorn Louis the 16th would recognize:
Gary Wilson—So with your endorsement you are saying that you're okay with this dysfunctional approach to politics. Personal smear attacks? The Globe is okay with that. Lying to Parliament? No problem. Lying to Canadians? The Globe finds that just fine. Obstructing justice? Bulling government workers? The Globe sees no serious issue there. Weaer a Harper t-shirt to a Prime Minister's event and you can stay. Wear an opposition t-shirt and be physically removed. Or simply have an opposition photo on your Facebook and get kicked out. Or a bumpersticker. It's all fun, the Glove says. Unimaginable and unaccoutned for billions on jets with no engines? The Globe's okay with that. Billions more on prisons with no convicts. Keep spending, says the Globe. Get in trouble, shutdown Parliament, the Glove thinks that's a good idea.

The Globe's message to Harper? We're okay with yuor approach to politics.

Giller77—And people complain about the mainstream media having a liberal bias?

MJBW—Opinions are nice, facts are better. Here are the facts. Canada was in deficit prior to the recession and this was due to the second cut to the GST. This was Harpers fault, and yes the recession added to Harper's deficit. The two primary reasons that Canada has faired so well through the recession is because of strong banking regulations and strong commodity pricing, both of which have nothing to do with Harper. The Conservatives killed the western based trust model while keeping the eastern based trust model? Harper brought in stimulus spending after the IMF, World Bank, and parliment insisted on it. This was certainly not his idea. Ask Keen or Colvin how he treats public employees. Ask Canada's nobel winning scientist how he treats them. Oh right, they cannot talk publiclly without approval from Harper. "Shut up or I pull your finding". Ask Hilary Clinton, UAE, or voting members in the UN about Harpers foreign policy (mythology) or his commitment to human rights and aboriginal peoples. I am sure Jim Prentice enjoys his enormous effort being tossed to the curb at Harpers whim. Yes some things are expensive, but some things are worth it. 2% higher GST is a small price to pay for a Canada we can love opposed to a divisive Haper Government. Just sayin.

Metasphere—Harper is a liar. He told people he wouldn't tax income trusts, then when they put their money in relying on his promise, he turned around and gutted them. Harper is a liar who hurts people with his lies.

Harper breaks the law. He had Parliament pass a law that specified a date for the next election, then deliberately thwarted that outcome when he thought it would be politically expedient. Harper is a lawbreaker.

Harper bears false witness and breaks the ninth commandment. When Harper found out that the Gurmant Grewal tapes had been doctored, he continued to press accusations that he knew were false. Harper bears false witness and is a wicked man.

Harper is corrupt. He told two Conservative party representatives to make a financial offer to try to buy Chuck Cadman's vote in Parliament. Vote-buying is a corrupt practice and Harper is a corrupt man.

Harper is profligate. His government inherited a fiscal surplus position from the Martin government. In less than three years Harper's government had turned that into a deficit and they were planning an asset fire-sale to plug the holes before the recession came. They have added $65,000,000,000 to the federal debt with nothing to show for it. Harper and Flaherty will bankrupt us if we let them.

Harper is a fascist. He has set police to appointing judges. He tried to use the fiscal crisis to turn Canada into a one party state. He published a manual for how to undermine our Parliament. Harper is repugnant to liberty.

Harper is reckless with the lives of Canadians. His government took food inspectors off the line leading to the death of 20 Canadians from tainted meat. A PM whose choices kill us is what we have in Harper.

Harper has contempt for Canadian democratic institutions. His party implemented a manual for how to disrupt and undermine Parliament, and Harper unprecedentedly prorogued Parliament to avoid its judgment of his government. Harper is a politician who attacks democracy.

Harper is incompetent. He put a friend in charge of AECL, then when the company blundered, Harper fired a nuclear safety official for doing her job. He gave assurances in Parliament a nuclear plant would be fixed, but a short while later it was shut down instead. Harper then declared that Canada would abandon half a century of high-tech industrial participation. Harper utterly failed to manage this matter.

Harper leads a party that cheated on election spending limits using fraudulent transactions. The central party told local candidates that money would appear in their account only to disappear immediately. The reason was that laundering it through the local candidate disguised the fact that it was spent by the central party. Harper's party cheated in that election.

Harper is unfit for office. The Globe is unfit to read.

The State—In the days of old, when the internal combustion engine became viable, the people best positioned to produce automobiles were the buggy manufacturers. That's how their particular industry evolved.

Where did the priestly class go? The Court sycophants who beggared favours from the King in return for dividing, confusing, scaring, and mis-disinforming the subjects into legitimizing the King's authority and drive the subjects remonstrating into the Kings arms?

They went into mainstream media.

Thankfully, we have the Internet, a decentralized source of information where there is no priestly class acting as gatekeepers of information dissemination to the public. A place where the truth stands a chance of not being murdered. Unlike here, in the Globe's pro-State trolling/shilling for the legitimacy of the institution where we serfs occasionally select our next set of masters (sock puppets) to rule us.

Thank you G&M, if it weren't for you, the State would have to set up it's own propaganda agency where the people would know the "news" is BS. Camouflaged as "hard nosed, independent, trustworthy, investigative reporting", ya just can't buy that kind of illusion.

You serve them well. You serve them well.

Comment by Editor 11/04/29

The G&M is a #fail

Comment by Be Truthful 11/04/29


Comment by eilidh123 11/04/29

I will be cancelling my subscription to the G&M tomorrow! Where have you people at this rag been? This is disgusting!

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