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Shocked and Dismayed
Strategic voting advocates see momentum, despite history of being ignored
Posted by Be Truthful on 04/24 at 10:57 AM
From the Winnipeg Free Press by CP's Heather Scoffield:
The strategic-vote advocates are at it again, but this time armed with social media and intriguing, interactive websites.

As is often the custom mid-way through election campaigns, some who cringe at the thought of the incumbent party winning again are trying to pool votes to sway the results.

It has never worked on a large scale in Canada and its detractors warn that strategic voting could actually do more harm than good.

Nonetheless, the advocates say strategic voting can indeed work in some elections and their anti-Conservative campaigns are picking up momentum.

Project Democracy says it has registered 900,000 page views since it launched its website a week ago... read the whole story here.
Comment by Bill9 11/04/24

People are voting strategically to get rid of the “Harper Government”. This is much less dangerous than re-electing them.

Comment by H Haier 11/04/24

Aren’t these sorts of “games” that turn many off from the political process?

Manipulating the outcome of elections is a very dangerous path to go down imo, and this is exactly what this is.

If your candidate didn’t get elected, get over it and try again next time, but DO NOT attempt to manipulate the system to distort the voting process. That’s just bloody wrongheaded.

Comment by BarbibVan 11/04/24

I highly recommend checking out http://catch22camgaign.ca @MBGuy2 actually there are many second place candidates who are NOT Liberal….before deciding that it’s a conspiracy to bring in the Libs, read through the information provided on the site…they are definitely non-partisan but could be called non-Con instead…

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