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Shocked and Dismayed
Pro-choice groups warn against Harper majority
Posted by Master of my domain on 04/25 at 12:45 PM
The CBC's Laura Payton posted today:
Women's rights may be at risk if Stephen Harper's Conservatives win a majority government, a coalition of pro-choice groups said Monday.

The group said Canadians should look at the Conservatives actions rather than Harper's reassurances the party wouldn't re-open the abortion debate, and pointed to comments last week by Conservative candidate Brad Trost, the incumbent in Saskatoon-Humboldt.

Trost said the government de-funded Planned Parenthood because of pressure from groups opposing abortion.

Carolyn Egan, a spokeswoman for the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics and the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, said the most striking example was when the government decided last year not to provide funding under the G8 maternal health program for groups that offer abortions to women in developing countries.Read the full CBC story here...
Comment by Student200 11/04/25

I am so sick of these groups trying to make elections a 1 issue event. Abortion is not the only issue our country faces, and judging political leaders on a single issue is ridiculous. Especially on issues such as abortion and gay marriage. I am pro-choice, I am pro-same sex marriage and oh ya I support the Conservative Party.

During the same sex marriage vote, many liberals voted against the legislation, just like many Conservatives voted in favour of the legislation. For many it was a moral question that crossed beyond party lines.

I do not believe for one minute Prime Minister Harper will discuss abortion or same sex marriage if he gets a majority. Harper knows there is nothing to be gained by going there. Most of his seats gains are coming from moderate progressive riding’s, which used to support the PC party in its prime, so Harper won’t risk those by going to the far far right.

This is the same fear tactic groups like this have used year after year to support the Liberal Party. Frankly I am sick of it. Abortion is legal in Canada and thats not going to change.

Comment by Susan L 11/04/25

One of the first things Harper did when he got into office in 2006 was cut the funding to women’s groups and the status of women right across the country….....and yet it wasn’t in his campaign platform to do so…..in fact he was going to ‘stand up for Canada’

Why on earth should I trust him now? He has unilaterally decided to change 40 years of progressive policy towards maternal health aid in foreign countries…..no debate, ignore the majority on this…....he just did it.

Why on earth should I trust him now? He threw a molotov cocktail into organizations like Rights and Democracy (a figurative one…..relax), Planned Parenthood, Kairos against the wishes, and solid expert advice of anyone….....he just went ahead and did it.

Why on earth should I trust him now? I could go on, but I think you get the idea…....Harper doesn’t need to debate a thing, he will do what he wants to do and all the outrage and indignation in the world will not stop him one iota.

His base is smart enough to know THAT much.

Comment by AlbertaBoy111 11/04/25

Maybe if Harper didn’t have ministers running around confirming what everyone was already accusing them of, cutting funding to organizations based on partisan and ideological decisions, then this issue wouldn’t come up would it?

That’s the tough thing for Cons. It’s hard to play to two separate groups of people, both ideologically different, and ensure the messages stay separate.

Just think, if no reporter had secretly recorded that speech, this never would have left that building, and Harper could have continued his two separate messages platform.

I pose that this sort of thing is more commonly told to CPC supporters than we are aware of, yet it is always behind closed doors, with Facebook pages thoroughly vetted first, so that it never leaves the room.

Comment by Be Truthful 11/04/25

Hello Everyone,

Did you notice lately (last couple of days) there is a lot of creepy people commenting here? Maybe the Cons hired some people to comment now. But that’s good, this is the right wing, and they are telling us what they believe in. The prime minister however is smarter than that… he keeps it quiet, so he can get other votes…

Anyway, the right wing believes in “pro life”. Not abortions or the rights for a woman to choose. Fine. This is the right wing and this is what they stand for.

The problem the left, the centre, and all the people that pay attention are having here is that HARPER can’t tell what he stands for because if he is “Clear” as he repeats over and over, votes he’s been getting from left and centre will go away. So he is keeping quiet, skirting the question, de-funding women’s rights groups, and then he says “I’m not opening the subject”.

We really need to stand up for misinformation. The only reason he has more supporters is because people are being bamboozled, and lied to by this guy… even his MPs are having a hard time keeping quiet about their belief’s.

Comment by Matthew Bonsall 11/04/25

This exactly the kind of stuff that scares me about a Harper majority.

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