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Shocked and Dismayed
Majority so tantalizingly close for Harper
Posted by Mike on 04/27 at 09:22 AM
In contrast to the Layton surprise polls, Tim Harper of the Star reports on the possibility of a Harper majority:
An unfinished jigsaw puzzle sat at the back of the room at the Résidence Du Manoir Jeffrey on Tuesday as Stephen Harper began his day as he has begun the past 31 days of his life — calling for a majority government.

The puzzle had 1,000 pieces. About a quarter of them sat jumbled on a table.

The Conservative leader has far fewer pieces to put together to get to 155, the number he needs Monday for his long-sought majority.

He’s acting as if he is there — or so tantalizing close that the reluctant campaigner has shed his dour demeanour and now sees a reason to be reciting another speech to a polite crowd on another wet, grey morning in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

Harper has already proven adept at governing as if he had a majority.

Now, in these final days, he’s campaigning as if he has a majority.
Comment by Rolf Auer 11/04/27

If you give this man a ride…
Harper said in 2004, “We can create a country built on solid Conservative values, not on expensive Liberal promises, a country the Liberals wouldn’t even recognize, the kind of country I want to lead.” Sorry, Harper, I want to live in a country I recognize, a country called Canada. You’re not the person who should lead it. Please vote! Rolf Auer

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