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Shocked and Dismayed
Japanese nuclear plant to go off line after PM’s warning
Posted by LivingTO2 on 05/09 at 10:57 AM
CNN covers the continuing Fukushima nuclear story today:

A Japanese nuclear plant will shut down its reactors after the country's prime minister warned it was vulnerable to natural disasters, its owner announced Monday.

The Chubu Electric Company said it will take two of its reactors at the Hamaoka nuclear plant off line and not bring a third back on line, effectively shutting down the plant. . . .

Prime Minister Naoto Kan said last week that the plant -- located on the Pacific coast in Omaezaki, southwest of Tokyo -- could produce "grave damage to Japan" similar to the problems at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, and wanted earthquake and tsunami protections put in place. Read the full story here.
But what do CNN readers think about the story?

a couple of weeks ago it was the most important news on the planet...

now its hard to find any mention of it at all..........

There are many easy ways to generate power. One cost effective solution would be to put oil company executives on treadmills and make them run to live. This is not a renewable source as you will eventually run out of oil executives. I don't see how that is a bad thing.

Those countries (and States) that embrace renewable energy will become the most powerful. Those countries that won’t reject coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear will become the weakest. Solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, biofuel and other technologies are more than enough to power the world.

These sources of energy are free. Did you get that last part? IT’S FREE ENERGY!

Are we going to let propaganda from the oil, coal and nuclear industries decide our future? They are the only ones who benefit with short term gain and temporary luxury.

Our news channels are "One News Channels". They forget other important events going on for one latest. Japan is still in ruins (nuclear ruins as well), Southern states are still flooded, Royal couple is still married (eventhough it does not make any difference personally for me), Middle East is still between revolution and totalitarism, war is still going on in Afganistan. But we get only one story at a time.





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