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Shocked and Dismayed
Ignatieff works to quell orange tide
Posted by Nishikawa on 04/24 at 12:17 PM
The Chronicle Herald prints:
Michael Ignatieff came to Halifax on Saturday to do his best to turn back a rising NDP tide, calling the party’s platform “science fiction” as the Liberals released attack ads aimed at stopping an orange surge in the polls.

The Bloc Quebecois and Conservatives also attacked the NDP on Saturday as Jack Layton held an 1,100-strong rally in the Montreal riding of Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe, seeking to sustain unprecedented growth in Quebec... read the whole story here.
Comment by taob1 11/04/24

Charismatic Layton - Libby Davies Waits in the Wings

The NDP/Liberal Cap and Trade agendas will kill industry, our economy, and any hope of reducing unemployment numbers - it will fill the pockets of those involved in VAT and Carousel CO2 trading fraud. (EU countries were ripped off for Billion$.)

Layton will owe Quebec big time, which will put a halt to the Muskrat Falls project and the N.S. ship building industry.

Remember the love given to charismatic Obama - how things have changed today as the U.S. economy circles the drain. Vote with your brain, not your heart folks - love hurts.

Comment by Common Sense 11/04/24

Liberals and Conservatives Have Bad Case of Jealousy

Definitely typical of the Liberals and Conservatives to show a bad case of jealously towards the NDP when things don’t go their way.

The NDP are surging because people are sick and tired of “Black Cat/White Cat” politics, meaning that when people are not happy with the Conservatives, they vote Liberal, and if people are not happy with the Liberals, they vote Conservatives.

People want a third alternative party or “Grey Cat”, meaning the NDP.

In other words, Canadians have other choices than Tories and Grits.

A message for Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper, get over your jealousy.

NDP all the way.

Comment by get-a-grip 11/04/24

A good man’s word

Income Trusts
No recession
Five straight balanced budgets(NOT)
Cut spending
No need for stimulus
Two questions a day!


Comment by rowdyman 11/04/25

Is there really an “Orange Tide” or an NDP surge (by the way, wouldn’t “Orange Crush” be a better NDP/Orange pun?) or is this a type of Bradley Effect at the polls where people are too embarrassed to admit to wanting to vote Liberal or Conservative will say NDP instead? Or maybe it’s because the NDP has actually been the only party to make an effort with their critical yet slightly off kilter animated ads? What no ominous music? No threatening voice overs? C’mon, NDP! That’s no way to scare people to your camp.

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