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Shocked and Dismayed
Ignatieff says U of T teaching position to mark ‘end of my life as a politician’
Posted by get-a-grip on 05/06 at 07:47 AM
As Michael Ignatieff moves off Canada's political stage, the Globe and Mail's Michael Valpy asked him about his future.
Hours after leading the Liberal Party into its worst defeat in history, Michael Ignatieff declared his intention to put political life behind him forever and return to the classroom – a door the University of Toronto opened for him with multiple teaching assignments and a residency at the university’s Massey College.
“I’m going back into a classroom because the only damn thing I can do that’s any use to anybody is to teach kids what I learned and what mistakes I made,” Mr. Ignatieff said in an interview with The Globe and Mail in the opposition leader’s official residence in Ottawa. Read the full article here . . .

But how did the story's readers view Ignatieff's transition?
Mike Sumners
Saying that university is where all the losers go is typical of the anti-intellectual attitude, the attitude that "book learnin' ain't good fer nuthin'" nonsense that really turned me away from "The Harper Government ©". A nation's greatness is not measured by how many tanks or aircraft carriers is has but by how educated and articulate its citizens are.

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. ~Plato

Arthur Lane
This rather hasty announcement of Dr' Iggy's appointment to the U of T would lead one to suspect that he was carrying around a job offer long before the election day.

Why they would ask him to teach political science is a mystery.

Perhaps the course is " How Wreck A Political Party In Just Two Years", which would be more in line with his accomplishments in the field of politics.

Richard _S
THerein lies the distortion as the "Public Intelletual" sits in his "Cozy office" with it's fire glowing and puts his world to rights surronding himself with the glories of his degrees and wraped in the secure position of professor. Now just how does this resonate with the average hard working Canadian that is lucky to have a firplace and certainly doesn't get a office two days into his new career! HAve a great Life Mr. Ignatief you're not a bad man but you are an eletist, acadamian, out of touch with the realities of the hard world most of us inhabit. Enjoy, your new position, write a book on how to lead. Or Not!

I wish Mr. Ignatieff well. He has been an inspiration throughout the years when I would hear segments of his lectures on CBC radio "Ideas". The attack ads and the vile statements made by the Government of the day are regrettable and not something that makes me proud as a Canadian. We were prevented from getting to know Mr. Ignatiff by a combination of those ads and pundits dominating the airways and newspapers. Intelligence and grace are not necessarily qualities we embrace in our political leaders andor our journalists.

Eliza Grey
During the election I asked some people about Iggy. They said they didn't like him and didn't trust him. I asked them why? Guess what, most couldn't answer why. That is the effectiveness of advertising.

I wonder how Canadians would view Harper if he had the same amount of money spent to destroy him?

I Maya
I cannot believe the vitriol against this man...still??? Why???

Michael Ignatieff is home and as an intellectual, one of his homes is U of T, his alma mater and one of many places where he had always belonged...King's College of Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics, Harvard, UBC, U of CAL. And for those ingrates and ignoramuses who fell for the attack adds, he did come back for Canadians! He's staying even after his good name has been dragged through the worst mud CONs could come up with! And let me see any of you haters put all those accomplishments on your resumes!

If he cannot serve all Canadians in a public office, at least he'll serve some lucky young ones at U of T. I couldn't be happier for him.





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