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Shocked and Dismayed
Ignatieff quits as Liberal leader
Posted by cowpatties on 05/03 at 09:59 AM
The CBC covers Michael Ignatieff's resignation:
Michael Ignatieff is quitting as the Liberal leader after his party took an electoral drubbing on Monday night.

The Liberals were reduced to 34 seats in the House of Commons down from 77 and won only 18.9 per cent of the popular vote.

Not only did Ignatieff lead the party to its worst showing in its history, but he also lost his Toronto-area seat in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. . . .

Readers make these comments
Northern Eagle
He has no choice but to resign, what a huge mistake by the Liberal party to put this guy in leadership of it's party. The Liberals need to have a fair election to find a new leader, with new approaches, time for a re birth of the Liberal party, if that does not happen over the next couple years, then the party will cease to exist.

I have a lot of respect for anybody willing to make personal sacrifices to serve their country in politics, regardless of their political stripe. Best of luck in future endeavours Mr. Ignatieff.

Unfortunately in the often ruthless game of politics there are times one will need to fall on his sword. This is one of those times.

Funny how so many want to "send Iggy back home to America."

There's no need.

With a Harper majority, America will be coming to Iggy, and all the rest of us.

His resignation just illustrates that if you are an articulate, intelligent person you have no place in politics. To succeed in this blood sport you need to appeal to peoples base fears and talk in easy to understand sound bites.

IMO politicians are nothing but liars and opportunists.

They talk out of both sides of their mouths and say what they NEED to say to stay elected. Once they reach the top tiers they are bought and paid for.

It;s no advantage that Canada rewards these kind of people with power while they jettison those like Ignatieff or DIon because they "sound too smart"

We definitely get the government we deserve. LOL

Canada is losing a decent man and, though we'll never know, an intelligent and promising leader. He interrupted a very successful academic career at one of the best universities in the world in order to serve his country. What a pity we have so little room for decency and intelligence in our political process.

Posters who are using this opportunity to kick a good man when he's down should simply be ashamed of themselves. Disgusting.

Andy Kanata
I just watched his press conference. He threw handfuls of mud at Layton and Harper and at the same time complained about the mud thrown on him. He lost because he is a hypocrite - plain and simple. He spent the campaign attacking everyone and everything while Harper stayed on message and Jack stepped up to do what Iggy should have been doing - preaching hope and change. Let's hope that some civility returns to Canadian politics.
As for the Liberal party - time to set up the pins again so we can knock em down.





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