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Shocked and Dismayed
Ignatieff implores Canadians to return to the centrist fold
Posted by DenFMoral on 04/26 at 07:33 PM
The Globe and Mail's John Ibbitson reports:
With time almost run out, and the very future of his party at stake, a besieged Michael Ignatieff is urging Canadians to avoid the call of the Conservative right and the NDP left, and restore Canada’s Liberal tradition of government from the centre.

“This country has been governed from the centre for 140 years,” the Liberal Leader reminded voters Tuesday. “That’s why Canadians have given their confidence to the Liberal Party. They don’t want a government of the left. They don’t want a government of the right.” Read the whole article at the Globe...

The highest rated comments include:

With a MAJORITY, Mr Harper will pass BILL S-10 (the FULL USA WAR ON DRUGS or the GIFT TO GANGS law that adds MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCES - MMS for drug offenses including marijuana to be passed in 100 days of a majority).

The Liberals, NDP and BLOC are against BILL S-10 even though they are labelled as EVIL by Mr Harper's SOFT ON CRIME (aka STUPID ON CRIME as the real EXPERTS say Mr Harper's agenda is). They are standing up for CANADA ... TOUGH is STANDING up for TRUTH.

BILL S-10 will cost $10s of BILLIONS (a reason for CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT) and imprison 1000s ... YOUNG CANADIANS and what DAMAGED GOODS they will be ... we will [NOT] have SAFER COMMUNITIES as evident in the USA where its a complete and utter FAILURE.

Building a NANNY STATE (PRISON STATE NORTH) as fast as Mr Harper can say BLOC ... I mean BOO.

TOUGH ON CRIME is a MYTH. It SELLS (very well). It GETS VOTES ... ITS A complete and utter failure in the USA that Mr Harper has IMPORTED it from.

TIME to EXIT the Harper FISH BOWL.


Guytonyca pens: This comment is hidden because you have chosen to ignore Guytonyca. Show DetailsHide Details

Ignatieff and the liberals have failed miserably to put forwrd an agenda or a leader that inspires Canadians. "Imploring" Canadians to "return to te centrist fold", whatever that is, is just another example of how lost this crowd is. When Iggy said that Jack Layton was unqualified because he had never formed a government he cemented his own failure because he was just as unqualified, and for the same reason!

It is disturbing to think that unless the Conservatives can squeak out a majority we may end up with an NDP led coalition, with the Liberals tagging along. But hey, thats democracy at work again. Either way we'll be rid of Iggy. With a coalition we'll be rid of Harper too.





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