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Shocked and Dismayed
Harper shifts attack to NDP-led coalition
Posted by Common Sense on 04/28 at 05:32 PM
The CBC published this overview of Stephen Harper's response to the NDP surge:
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is shifting his campaign message to focus the attack on "an opposition coalition led by the NDP."

Until now, Harper has spent the campaign pitching his Conservatives as the alternative to a coalition of opposition parties led by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

Harper is continuing to underscore the message that Canada needs a strong majority, but the NDP's late-campaign surge in the polls has apparently forced Harper to change his primary target. Read more at the CBC site here...

Undermedia offers this response: I'm _really_ stubborn, but I've just decided to change my vote from Liberal to NDP. I'm going to help Tyrone Benskin win Jeanne-le-Ber, Mtl.

Honestly, I really like Michael Ignatieff, was sincerely backing him until now, very much regret the unjust hating he's endured and his plain bad timing entering the political scene, and congratulate him for his good spirit and perserverance…

… but there's something different happening right now. Something quite incredible. Canadians are indeed rising up together -- astoundingly even Quebec nationalists -- but it turns out it's under an orange tent, and I want to be part of it.

MBrunswick voices: This is hilarious. Harper is in a panic.

When you are a so-called leader and your statement is "... one with a Conservative majority, the other a minority parliament with a ramshackle coalition led by the NDP ..." this is really pathetic when Harper is at the point of insulting the opposition because that's all he can come up with.

This is such an embarrassing moment in Canadian politics.

Regarding coalitions, the UK has a coalition gov't; so does Australia; ditto Israel; and many other countries. They function far more effectively than Harper's government ever has.

The reason we are seeing an election right here, right now is because Harper was found in contempt of Parliament. He was incapable of working with any other parties.

He is a destructive narcissist.

Mr Harper, no vote for you.

Mrssauga notes: Ramshackle coalition? Isn't this what the Progressive Conservatives and the Reform did to bring us to where the Conservatives are today under Harper?

I still don't get what the big deal is about parties cooperating. Isn't cooperation what a government should do to get to a common consensus on policies, etc.? And why does it all have to be an "us" or "them" thing anyway?





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