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Shocked and Dismayed
Harper finally wins majority as NDP surges into Opposition
Posted by Master of my domain on 05/03 at 08:41 AM
The Globe and Mail's Patrick Brethour writes this morning:
Canadian voters have radically redrawn the country’s political landscape, handing the Conservative Party its long-sought majority in an election that decimated the Bloc Québécois and humbled the Liberals.

For the first time in history, the New Democratic Party will form the Official Opposition after an extraordinary breakthrough that propelled the party to more than 100 seats. . . .

The commentary is surprisingly non-vitriolic:
Sean Mattingly
Win, lose or draw.

In the end democracy is the winner and the more who participate the healthier our democracy will be. All national leaders have given their best and deserve our appreciation for making a strong case for our support. In the end we will choose and as always, we will be right.

Well done fellow bloggers for offering your debates, opinions and the odd punch to the eye. At this point in time, we're all Canadians.

Oswaldo I
The NDP is cheering a Conservative majority.

Let there be light after years of darkness. Its time for honesty, equality, generosity and kindness to take centre stage.

Sault Boy
CBC must be already flying the flag at half mast.

peety puck
Ontario and the West walking shoulder to shoulder'

United we stand.

This election prove two things

(1) We Canadian have enough of minority government scenario and being drag into 4 elections in just 7 years. At least for this conservative majority, they better prove themselves worthy to govern and care for us canadians in the next 4 years ... destiny is in their hands and if they mismanage ... they cannot complain that their hands are tied (as would another minority government would) ... we will vote them out in the next election in the same way we dump the Liberal this time.

(2) We Canadians are smart enough to decide for ourselves and hate dirty politics and never like to be told and bombarded with tales of all the other folks "dirty laundry". Walking the middle path like Jack Layton of the NDP party and trying to talk to us rather than the other party do appeal to us, though they at the moment have not won us over the trust that they can govern at this time. Being the official opposition, we will now have the ability to see how they perform and how much we can trsu them to govern ... come the next election.


Lamont Cranston
nolz : EXCELLENT POST @9:3AM!!

As for everyone else?

G&M posters simply do not reflect Canada (but we knew that)

Loved how the G&M had to explain to what? 50 people (the angry posters) WHY they recommended the Conservatives?

Finally, all the months of the paid for Liberals posting "Stephen Harper - not a leader"

to that..

Michael Ignatieff - NOT an MP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA, HA, HA





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