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Shocked and Dismayed
Does the Layton massage parlour story affect your view of the NDP?
Posted by Editor on 04/30 at 04:31 PM
Global through Canoe.ca asks this question of its readers. Their general response? It gives one pride in being Canadian.

No. It lowers my opinion of the Conservatives, the Conservative media, and their new low in personal smear tactics.
This is a pretty desperate ploy to get a majority government and I hope Canadians do not reward this strategy. if we do, we'll get five more years of these types of personal smears.
Guy Smiley, 2011-04-30 16:12:05

Disgusting smear tactics by the Sun. I think this is a new low in Canadian journalism. I used to pick up your paper once a week for the TV guide, but not any more.
Don Robinson, 2011-04-30 16:02:18

The Toronto Police were having pretty serious problems back then as I recall, and Mr. layton was one who wanted problems addressed. This indiscrete fellow telling the story says a wet kleenex was thrown in the garbage as if it were Layton's output - so why didn't they retrieve such hard evidence, and charge the guy? And the "cop" himself himself describes the place as a SUSPECTED bawdy house. Is Layton non-credible because he is unaware of police SUSPICIONS? The ordinary Canadian maybe hasn't a clue about Shiatsu massage, but its good enough for the Prime Minister of Japan and a great many more ordinary people simply seeking relief from tension or pain.
I don't think there is a particle of substance to this story. I think it is obviously ia classic example of yellow journalism, and it is no credit to our Prime Minister that he has not denounced it for being just that. Harper has shown a willingness to unfairly smear reputations when it suits his purposes as he illustrated with the whistle blower on the torture of Afghan detainees. may he disappear into history!
Neil macLean, 2011-04-30 15:59:08

Sun Media, Yup, Fox News North! I think Canadians are so sick of these disgusting tactics coming from the Harper Regime and its voice pieces. I hope Mr. Layton sues the paper. For now, Go Jack Go! The Orange locomotive is rolling across this beautiful country and Jack Layton is bringing Hope to Canadians, something neither Liberals nor Conservatives bring.
Terry Stavnyck, 2011-04-30 15:45:28

I don't think that getting a little rub and a tug makes you a bad person. People have needs. And since the potential future prime minister of Canada was only looking after his needs, that doesn't translate into a more negative view of the NDP. If anything, it redeems them somewhat - it shows their leader has better judgement than I thought (after all, we've all seen and heard Olivia Chow. I'd look elsewhere too.) Mind you I'm a little uncomfortable that he was supporting a business allegedly run by organized crime. Also, I wonder why our potential future minority Prime Minister didn't have the intellectual ability to clue in that something was amiss when he saw the red light/green light "police are coming" warning system in the room. Still, I'm sure these little things won't prevent him from running our country.
Zach Swan, 2011-04-30 15:39:09

I've had massages and they've been done while I'm not clothed.
Don't have a problem with Jack, but I do have a problem with a supposed police officer releasing police records (if in fact he did) because that's illegal.

The retired cop is in the wrong here.

And Sun media are not acting like journalists but are more like the National Enquirer.

sue, 2011-04-30 15:37:43

Layton should explain that this was the first time and last time naked in bawdy room and what is the wrong thing in bawdy room he thinks.
Billy, 2011-04-30 15:36:02

No, it just reinforces my opinion that Sun Media is a sleazy dirty tricks operation with zero standards of credibility, responsibility or basic decency.
Cliff, 2011-04-30 15:34:48

No this story does not change the fact that I will be voting NDP. I think the smear campaign against Jack Layton is absolutely atrocious. I am sick of it. I am sick of the mainstream media and their corruption. Where does the Province and the Globe and Mail think they can get off endorsing a party/prime minister? Much less one found in contempt of parliament! I am disguised. We need change. I do not need the media telling me who to vote for. Aren’t you supposed to be here for the public? Truth seekers? Fact finders? When did you become a personal blog? The mainstream media has lost all credibility in my eyes, and the Toronto sun is no different. The mainstream media may as well be a paid advertising arm of the right wing. Stop with your obvious corruption and right wing agenda. As for Jack Layton, why is this just coming out now? Two days prior to the election. Timely isn't it? As a person in the field of law enforcement and a student of justice studies and criminology, the police officer who released that information is a disgrace to his profession. He talks about how there was so much integrity in the force, which caused the information to remain as it should, private. (Seeing how no charges were laid.) Where is that officer's integrity now? He is using his ex (thankfully) position of power and authority to smear a politician over ten years later. Totally criminal in itself. He had no place or right. Charges were not laid. He is trying to create a judge jury and trial in the public, over ten years after the fact, with no burden of proof. It makes me sick to think about. He had the chance to lay charges at the time if he thought he had enough evidence, he chose not to. End of the god damn story.
Jody, 2011-04-30 15:31:54





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